SOLSC 3/31/16 Farewell March Challenge

I only skipped two days of my slice of life story challenge for this wonderful month of March. I can look back and see what I was doing or thinking on that day, and I can’t help but dwell on the fact that I might look back and think, “that changed my life drastically”, or I might think, “that stressed me out I never want to be reminded of this ever again.” It has been a learning experience and I really enjoyed it, especially reading other people’s posts.

SOLSC 3/30/16 Thunder

Thunder is like music to my ears. Though I don’t like lightning, I love thunder. I cant sleep during thunder storms at night, like tonight, so I’m presuming that I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. I can see the lightning through my eyelids, and it makes me paranoid. During the day when its thundering, I really like it, and it makes me happy. Its funny, because lighting is just the sound of thunder and I like how lighting looks, but I don’t like the “Light” part of it.

SOLSC 3/29/16 Late night

Right now it is ten pm and I’m not supposed to be up. And I was thinking ” wait how is it almost April already. Wait how come I’ve been slacking on my blogs lately.” So here I am now bye

SOLSC 3/28/16 Monday Blues

Even though yesterday was Easter, and I became more chocolate than human, I was still really sad and tired this morning. I was sad because I had to go to school, and I was tired because I watched the walking dead last night. Usually I’m not tired in the morning because I’m a morning person, but I think I was tired from having a long weekend.

SOLSC 3/25/16 Panda

Every day when I write my blog post, I look at my calendar to see what day it is. My calendar had pandas on it, and I love pandas. But every time I look at it, I’m reminded of the current world issue we have with the panda population, and it makes me sad. But I know that everything will be ok in the future. And pandas are just so cute.

SOLSC 3/25/16 I am in love

My hair is literally goals. It’s so soft, and shiny, and I can’t stop looking at it and touching it. And I also spend hours taking selfies. Even though I’m hopeless at it. I’m touching it right now. If you read this in 3 hours, I’m still touching it. it’s so beautiful. Also my foot fell asleep.

SOLSC 3/24/16 Attention

As soon as I set foot into the school, someone says “Hey did you dye your hair? I really like it.” All day long people said that to me, and although they were just trying to be nice and courteous, I hated all of it. I’m quiet because no one talks to me because I don’t talk to them, because I don’t like talking to people. I couldn’t stand being talked to that much every day. I got a headache and it lasted all day. I tried to go about my day in a prudent manner, so people couldn’t see me coming, but they noticed me sooner or later. I have learned a life lesson today, and I have also learned something about myself.

SOLSC 3/23/16 I Dyed

As I come to completing my draft for a paper, a new song starts playing. My mom walks in my room and tells my its time to go. As we are driving to the salon I start humming the song I was just listening to. When we get into the salon, my mom asks the lady if we can see the colors of hair dye. I choose my color and my mom and the salon lady talk throughout the whole thing and I am patiently sitting in the chair. I don’t recall most of it, as I was lost in thoughts. When she was blow-drying my hair, I could feel all the tangles and the hair being snagged of the brush. I looked out the window, and asked myself, “When will the pain stop?” My sub-conscious replied, “The pain will never stop.”

SOLSC 3/22/16 Back at School

Today I went back to school and I didn’t have any make up work. It was a really nice day and I put on a tee shirt when I got home. You know its a nice day when you cant feel the air if its cold or warm. When I was doing my homework it took me an hour to do one thing, then my mom and my brother left to take care of something, and I got it done in less than 25 minutes! I then had lots of time to watch YouTube videos, and play my favorite computer game, Minecraft. Then I watched my favorite TV show The Flash. Now I’m writing this. Bye.


It is also a YouTuber’s birthday. Tyler Oakley, and he is from Michigan.

SOLSC 3/21/16

I was sick again so I stayed home. I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I’ve been light headed, so I decided that I wasn’t eating enough protein, so I had a protein shake, but it hasn’t gotten better. Also today was Twitters Tenth Birthday, and that was a trending hashtag on Twitter.